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The Yarra Walk

From sunset through dusk and beyond, imagine learning to photograph one of the most picturesque cities in Australia, Melbourne! We will help you conquer the challenges faced in extreme lighting conditions, including sunset, dusk, and the darkness of the city night.

We will start with discussing what ISO, WB, shutter speed and f/stops are best for photographing at night or in low light conditions.  Then we will head out to photograph in and around the beautiful sights of the Yarra River Waterfront! 


If you do not know where the ISO buttons and other buttons are on the camera, do not fear! We start the workshop with a talk about settings, with hands-on help to apply the right settings for your camera and make sure by the end of the tour, you are confident with the buttons. And, we can have ’one on one's' while touring which suit all levels of photography.

This workshop is best for those with a DSLR or other camera that is capable of fully manipulating the shutter speed and aperture. (if you are unsure whether your camera has this setting, please contact us with your make / model number via our 'contacts and booking page' and we will help you!)  

You will leave us with a full understanding of how White Balance, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work in conjunction to determine the proper exposure of an image for night time and low light photography.

We will then start photographing from the Seafarers Bridge as the sun starts to set.  As we make our way towards the Crown Casino you will learn to see and visualize scenes at twilight and after dark, experimenting, shooting and finding possibilities that cannot be found in the same scenes during the day.

This workshop offering is limited to only 10 students to ensure a good measure of personal time with the instructor, Jacqui.

Quick facts

  • Where: Southbank

  • Length of workshop: 3 Hours

  • Students: Up to 8 per workshop

  • Focus: Landscape & Long Exposure Photography

  • Workshop Leader: Jacqui Barr

  • Price: $75 per person

  • Photography Level Required: Suitable for photographers of all levels

  • Fitness Level: Easy


What you need to bring:

  • Camera

  • Fully charged battery plus and extra if you have one 

  • A tripod (Please let me know if you need to borrow one)

  • A cable release if you don't have touch screen will help

  • A torch

  • Comfortable walking shoes


While not necessary, I highly recommend an ND Filter for this workshop.  You can use it during the daylight and into the sunset.

They can be found for very reasonable prices on eBay.  

What is a Neutral Density Filter? 

Find out more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutral-density_filter


The meeting point for this workshop is beside the the Seafarer Bridge on the Southbank / Pollywoodside side.  I park in Siddeley Street Parking for this workshop. 



For this workshop, I like to pre-book my parking at the Siddeley Street Parking 

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