3 Hour One-To-One Digital Photography Course

3 Hour One-To-One Digital Photography Course

3 Hour One-To-One Digital Photography Course 


Private Photography Lessons - You choose the place and date!


Our one-to-one digital photography courses and workshops in Melbourne are about you and your camera.  One-to-one digital photography courses in Melbourne are specially tailored and taught by Jacqui to meet all your photography needs.   Digital Photography Courses are suitable for all types of DSLR'S.  For your convenience, the day runs for 6 hours with your choice of starting time, place and day.


Attending a photography class with other students is certainly a great way to learn photography techniques, but each student is unique, will absorb material differently, and has a different camera. Because everyone has their own way of learning, some specific needs and challenges may never be addressed in a workshop or group class setting. In this situation, it helps to get personal photography instruction to get you one-on-one time with an instructor and to take you to the next level.


Whether it be landscape photography, family photography, travel photography, editing, basic photography elements, camera settings, etc. I can help bring you to that next level of photographic expertise. 


Based on your specific needs, I will design a private lesson right for you. Your lesson could also be an hour of you asking me all your questions as you go through your shooting process, a photo-critique of your work, or sitting at your computer for post-processing. 


Another option, which is more affordable, is to take a semi-private lesson with a friend. If you have a friend who shares your level of photographic expertise and has similar needs, then I can design an instruction session for the both of you.

I do teach group classes and workshops. Please visit my www.jacquibphotography.com.au and subscribe in the footer to be emailed when upcoming group classes and workshops will be offered. If you have an idea for a class, and would like me to instruct it please contact me with the details.  

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