How to post to Instagram from your desktop.

Instagram is designed for our mobile devices, but I like to upload my images directly from my computer.   There are many apps on the market to help you do this, but why waste money if you can do it for free. 

1.  Firstly, open your Instagram on your desktop at

2.  Next, right click on your Instagram page then click on inspect

3. There will be a small icon of an iPad and phone on the top panel. Click this and now your screen should display as you would see it on your phone or tablet.

4. Hit refresh on your toolbar. 

Once the page reloads you should be able to see the + symbol in a box.  

Now you are ready to upload. 

5.  Click on the + button and upload your image directly from your desktop.   

6.  Choose the image you wish to upload to Instagram. 

7.  Now you can edit your image just like you are on your phone or tablet. 

8. Once you have finished editing your photo, click on next in the top right hand corner. 

9. Click on share

10. Your post should now be on your Instagram Home Screen. 

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