'My father, my inspiration'

'My father, my inspiration'

Fragility, beauty, hope, optimism, courage: those first gallant clusters of cupped petals symbolise everything that is good in the world after winter. Said the poet Jôha (1523-1602), "As last year is to this. Yesterday is today. The first blossoms."

In the early 80's my father purchase his first SLR, a Canon AE-1, 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera. He handed it to me to have a play with it and I then discovered my passion for Photography and for Canon. This camera is now in my collection of cameras.

My dad has a natural eye for photography. He has never had a lesson, yet he can compose perfectly! He has captured incredible beauty around the world. Today, shown above, he is photographing the Cherry Blossoms in Japan. I just saw this photo on Facebook and felt a bit of jealousy that I am not beside him grabbing these beautiful blooms.

Mum is there too, and as she is a wedding florist, I can only imagine the excitement she will be feeling as she sees the first blossoms of Spring in Japan, enough to make the toughest of girls giddy.

Mum and Dad enjoying the cherry blossoms today in Japan.

Mum and Dad enjoying the cherry blossoms today in Japan.

So, why do I love Photography? Why is it my passion? Because I am able to give people the gift of memories. Photos bring me back to such treasured moments I was experiencing in the past, with an instant recap of emotions, which I may have otherwise totally forgotten about.

Have you ever watched a slide show of a family member at a birthday or funeral? Even in the saddest moment a photograph can trigger a smile. Photos and videos trigger memories and emotions in a much stronger way than words alone can. The old adage goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” for a good reason: film captures nuance that a conversation can’t, shows expressions and movements that can’t be described. Sharing memories, trading stories, laughing together and uniting in grief all help begin and usher in the next phase of healing for the family and friends.

Photographs are the universal language of our era

When I look back at photographs, they allow me to re-live certain parts of my life that I will never be able to replicate again, and I’m beyond grateful to have them. My father was transferred to British Columbia and then to California when I was in my teenage years. This is when I found my passion for photography. The hundreds of photographs that I took while living overseas have the incredible power to make me feel happy, excited, reflective, proud, thankful, peaceful, and give me abundance of memories of good times spent with my friends over there.

Dad and mum have given me a unique way to see the world. They have inspired me to see beauty in everything and to appreciate the moments life has given me.

I notice the details others may be oblivious to wherever I go, such as a single ray of light shining through the clouds onto the ferns in the Dandenong's. I notice the stance of a tree standing alone in a paddock or the cutest tiny dimple on a smiling face. By sharing my passion I find my students begin to discover the beauty in the world the way I do. Suddenly they start to notice light, shapes, colours, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers…Everything around them looks different when they start to see the world as a photographer. This is the gift my father gave me. This is my love of being a photographer & sharing my passion to inspire my students.

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