How to save a video from your Facebook page

Have you ever had a friend or family member upload a video to Facebook that you wanted to save to your computer and you wished you could save it? Sadly, Facebook doesn't make it easy to do that, but if you trick your Facebook into thinking you are in a mobile browser, you can download any uploaded video without any software.

Firstly, log into your Facebook and find the video you would like to download to your computer. I am going to use one from my page to show you how.

Simply right-click on the video and in the selection box select Show video URL.

A small pop-up window should appear, with the video URL. Press Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copy the URL.

In the browser's Address bar, press Ctrl+V to paste the video URL.

Modify the video URL, changing the "www" at the beginning of the URL to "m".

The URL should then start with

Once changed, press Enter to open the mobile version of the page and follow the steps below, depending on your browser.

Save your video with your own name to your computer.

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