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Explore Melbourne

6 Hour Workshop $220

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Do you fancy taking your photography to the next level?

Why not come out with me for a photographic exploration of our beautiful and fascinating city by exploring Melbourne together.  

The “Explore Melbourne” workshop will inspire you to see the city with completely different eyes. We’ll be traveling along the banks of Docklands and Southbank. I will take you beyond your “Auto” mode as you join me on a fun and relaxed adventure while learning what the different modes on your camera are and when to use them.

We will usually find a quiet spot to begin our day with introductions and a discussion about our objectives for the day.  Our courses concentrate on ‘getting the picture’. We don’t get bogged down with technicalities (though we do give you a comprehensive grounding in the essentials such as camera settings, focusing, lighting and composition); we prefer to make the most of our time together by focusing on how to make you a great photographer, understanding what makes a good photograph and ensuring that you capture ‘the moment’.

Because your group will be small (maximum of six), there’s plenty of time for individual tuition and coaching. The course will focus on getting the most out of you and your camera, topics will include composition, the use of leading lines, rule of thirds and the creative use of depth of field. Technical aspects will also be covered including the exposure triangle and the use of the white balance. There will be the opportunity for some long exposure work my favorite type of photography.

Please note that a tripod is essential for this course and I highly recommend a Neutral Density filter and a shutter release cable if you have them. 

Quick facts

  • Where: Docklands

  • Length of workshop: 6 Hours

  • Students: Up to 6 per workshop

  • Focus: Landscape  Photography

  • Workshop Leader: Jacqui Barr

  • Price: $220 per person

  • Photography Level Required: Suitable for photographers of all levels

  • Fitness Level: Easy & Intermediary


What you need to bring:

  •  DSLR Canon, Nikon, Other - your choice. Mirrorless systems are welcome, too!

  • A Sturdy Tripod his is a must!  Consult with us if you don't have one you're thrilled with, we can recommend the right one for your needs and save you time and money.  (Please let me know if you need to borrow one)

  • Fully charged battery and extra batteries for your camera if you have one. With such a long day usually batteries will start to run out around the 4 hour mark.

  • Memory Cards - Plenty to get you through the workshop - ideally you want enough cards so that you don't have to format any cards while on the workshop.


  • Remote Trigger (Optional) For your camera's shutter.  If you have a touch shutter, you will not need one. 

  • Filters We don't use a lot of filters, but a Circular Polarizer and an ND Filter are our favorites. I recommend a nice strong Netrual Density Filter. 

  • A torch for night photography.

  • A camera cover or unbrella if it is raining

  • A lens cleaning cloth

  • Some money for lunch or snacks

  • Warm clothes

  • Walking boots or shoes (recommended)

We do have cameras and tripods for loan if you do not have one, but want to do this workshop


You do not have to have ALL of this equipment, it's a general list of what we recommend.  If you've got questions, we're here for you anytime, just holler.


Our meeting point is in Docklands at the corner of Doepel Way and  the  Newquay Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008



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