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Let's go chasing waterfalls

Noojee & Toorongo Falls

Full Day Workshop $220

Landscapes containing waterfalls are a huge favorite for many aspiring landscape photographers. However there are challenges in creatively capturing movement in the water and finding ideal spots for arresting images.


Our Noojee full day photography tour is for photographers of all experience levels, from novice to experienced. In short, this workshop is for anyone who wants to explore and photograph stunning scenery with a fun group of like-minded people. With a very small class this  workshop is an ideal way to develop at your own pace. 


All courses start with the foundation aspects of photography to ensure you have a good understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and focus. Hopefully I can show you just how simple photographic technique can be! Once you feel you are confident in your technique then we can move on to the more creative aspects of photography like lighting and composition.  You may like to brig along an ND Filter.  This will help you to achieve those beautiful silky water shots like the one above. 

We will also visit areas around Noojee including the Noojee Trestle Bridge.  First constructed in 1919 as part of the rail link between Warragul and Noojee and known only as the no.7 ( as it was the seventh bridge between the two towns). The bridge has seen it's fair share of disastrous brushfires, needing to be repaired several times and in 1939 was completely burnt down and rebuilt in the same year.

The trestle bridge spans an extraordinary 102 meters and is 21 meters high with 19 sets of piles. 

Our meeting place is at the Cardinia Cultural Center at 9am. Address: 40 Lakeside Blvd, Pakenham VIC 3810. 


If you need to be picked up at the train station, please arrange that with me before the day.

I will drop you back to your car at 5pm.

Quick facts

  • Where: Toorongo Falls & Noojee

  • Length of workshop: 8 Hours

  • Students: Up to 3 per workshop

  • Focus: Landscape  Photography

  • Workshop Leader: Jacqui Barr

  • Price: $220 per person 

  • Photography Level Required: Suitable for photographers of all levels

  • Fitness Level: Easy to Medium.  This walk does include many steps at the Bridge and also  a slight steep walk to the waterfall.  


What you need to bring:

  • A Digital SLR

  • Fully charged battery plus and extra if you have one 

  • A Sturdy Tripod (Please let me know if you need to borrow one)

  • Warm clothes (please don't wear bright blue.  The March flies are known to be attracted to dark blue)

  • Walking boots or shoes (recommended)

  • Gum boots can also be handy

  • A spare set of shoes for wet weather

  • We do have cameras and tripods for loan if you do not have one, but want to do this workshop

  • Some money for lunch or snacks

  • Sunscreen or fly screen

  • I highly recommend you bring along a good quality ND (Neutral Density) filter. 



Capturing the motion of a beautiful waterfall requires the understanding of long exposure photography, one of the coolest techniques you can use as a photographer.  Getting a perfect waterfall picture can be helped by using an ND Filter. 

ND filters are simple to use and a great accessory to have. There are two different types; the most popular is the round version that screws on to the front of your lens, the other type is slot-in filters that fit into a holder that screws to your lens. They come in various strengths that allow you to slow the shutter speed down 10 stops or more if you combine filters.

I like to use the Hoya Brand.  Cheaper ND filters will give you a colour cast.  It is worth the extra dollars.  Check out eBay.  Also make sure to buy the correct thread size for your lens.  Your lens is usually marked with the ⌀ symbol on the front and, if not, on the barrel. Some speciality lenses do not accept filters, in which case you won't find any markings


Meet me at the Cardinia Cultural Centre.  We will leave your car here for the day and I will drive you to our locations. 

Address: The Cardinia Cultural Centre is 40 Lakeside Blvd, Pakenham VIC 3810.


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