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Learn how to take sharp, imaginative close-up photos of a variety of subjects, from abstracts to detailed shots.  Jacqui B Photography will show you how to capture the detail of flowers, plants & insects creating magnificent photos of little things and small portions of bigger things.

What you'll learn:

• how to get your camera off the auto button
• how to use the features of your camera for eye-catching close-ups
• what lenses and additional accessories can be used for macro photography
• good composition for stunning images
• lighting techniques
• understanding Depth of Field

Bring along any macro lens you own, or if you do not have one just bring what you have got. (most lenses can focus quite close) Extension Tubes will also work if you do not own a Macro lens.  A flash will be helpful for this class as well, preferably an external one.  A tripod will also be helpful.

Make sure your batteries are charged and ready for action before you arrive Bring plenty of memory cards, it’s surprising how many pictures you can take in one day.


"Alowyn Gardens is just a whole lot of Deliciousness!"

-Melissa Barr

Quick facts

  • Where: Alowyn Gardens - 1210 Melba Hwy, Yarra Glen VIC 3775

  • Length of workshop: 3 Hours

  • Students: Up to 8 per workshop

  • Focus: Landscape & Macro Photography

  • Workshop Leader: Jacqui Barr

  • Price: $75 per person - this includes entry for student.

  • Photography Level Required: Suitable for photographers of all levels

  • Fitness Level: Easy


What you need to bring

  • DSLR Camera

  • Zoom or Macro lens (All lenses can be useful in the gardens)

  • Fully charged battery plus and extra if you have one 

  • Comfortable walking shoes



Graham's Visit - The Alowyn Walkaround

Graham's travelling to the Yarra Valley in Victoria to visit a truly standout garden.  Created by husband and wife team John and Prue, this amazing 4-acre property...........

The meeting point for this workshop is at the entrance of Alowyn Gardens by the cafe.  

ADDRESS: 1210 Melba Hwy, Yarra Glen VIC 3775



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Inspiration Alowyn Gardens

Inspiration Alowyn - photos from Google to inspire you.