My name is Jacqui, and I am a Melbourne-based photographer with over 35 years of experience beginning way back in the middle ’80s.   My main goal is to help you to learn the difference between “just taking a photograph” and capturing that “great shot”, with a strong emphasis on being “creative”.

I won’t give lectures, but instead, we will discuss while we walk and photograph. We discuss composition, light, technique and style, and how to be more creative without using your program mode.

I lead regular photography workshops in Melbourne and its surrounds.  I have a huge variety of 3-hour, full-day photography workshops and Private Lessons with complete camera instruction in some of the most beautiful and exciting locations.  Our workshops and classes are for ALL skill levels.  Anyone who has an interest in seeing beautiful places and capturing amazing images (while having fun doing it!) belongs to our photography workshops. 

What makes my workshops different from other workshops?

  • I am not just a tour leader – I will bring years of teaching experience to the table - a strong background with photo technique as well as an understanding photography gear.  Although I can usually chat your ear off about the area, we will be in.


  • My group sizes are always reasonable - There will never be too many people in our photography classes for me to offer individual attention to anyone who needs it.  

  • My workshops are about YOU – I am there to teach, period.

  • I have Pre-Scouted Locations - Your first time there will NOT be MY first time there.

  • Our workshops are about having FUN!

  • And most of all, I have a PURE PASSION FOR TEACHING, SHARING AND INSPIRING YOU! From beginner DSLR courses, I've got you covered!

These classes are very non-stressful and a lot of fun, so don’t be nervous about your experience, or little knowledge of cameras or photography.  


I am here to make your experience fun and memorable while teaching you some easy to learn techniques that will turn your pictures into keepers! 

Focused on making you a better photographer
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What Students are saying about Jacqui's workshops:

My husband and I saw Jacqui teaching a class on Princess Bridge in May and asked Jacqui about her classes. She kindly told us about her selection of classes and we decided to start with one of the classes at Williamstown Pier.


We went along and were lucky enough to have not only Jacqui but her very talented daughter Cassie whom I might add has loads of patience with me as I was a total beginner. We have now completed 4 workshops with Jacqui and cannot believe what is coming out of our camera's with the help and guidance from these talented people.


Today we did a workshop with Jacqui and her husband Steve at Marysville and my husband and I are just amazed at what Jacqui has shown us what we are capable of doing with our camera's. When we get home and look on the computer we cannot believe that we have taken these beautiful photo's. Thank you Jacqui, Steve and Cassie

Kellye Wilson

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